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Writing This on My New iPhone in Bed

Mum and Dad got me an iPhone. Mum and Dad got me an IPHONE. No. I don't think you understand yet. MUM AND DAD GOT ME AN IPHONE!!

It's late and I should be sleeping but I HAD to tell you all this!

So, it was an ordinary day, yeah? I'd just been hanging out with Jules which was...boring. Yeah, sorry. But SERIOUSLY, you can only take so much of watching Jules petting and feeding her rabbit. THAT THING GET'S MORE FOOD THAN ME!! Which is OK, because if Mum suddenly started giving me loads of lettuce for dinners I wouldn't be too happy.

Anyway, I got home, walked past Mum who did that creepy thing where she knows I'm wearing my shoes indoors when she's got her back to me. She says she's got eyes in the back of her head but I haven't seen them yet. Maybe it's some sort of sense only Mums can get... Then, I bumped into Dad and he was smiling so weirdly that I ran away from him up into my room. I REALLY didn't want to know what was making him smile like that.

Closing my door, I looked around to sit on my bed...AND THERE WAS THE BOX!! At first, I was really suspicious, but when I opened it, there was a brand new IPHONE in it!! I didn't know why they suddenly decided to get it for me (still don't), but I didn't want to ask just in case it was a mistake and they took it back.

Oops. Mum's just barged in and told me to get off my phone otherwise she'll take it! Gotta go! Bye!