Why is Life Sometimes Rubbish? - Jack Hunter Games
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Why is Life Sometimes Rubbish?

Worst. Day. EVER!! Look, look, it's not like I ASK for these things to happen! What did I ever do to get The Stoneman CONSTANTLY on my back? Gah! It's so frustrating! It started off a relatively cool day, yeah? You know, messing around with Holly and kicking a ball around, sun in the sky blah, blah, blah...but then, JUST when we were innocently walking home- I repeat INNOCENTLY walking home- that The Stoneman and his annoying minions decided to try and chase us. Well, obviously, I would've been able to outrun them. Just saying. But being such a hero, there was no way I was going to leave Holly behind! But when I slowed down, The Stoneman managed to shove me, and his silly friend, Pratt, had crouched behind me and sent me FLYING. I'm not going to tell Martin because he'll laugh at the fact I fell (excuse the pun) for one of the most obvious tricks in the book. When I'm Lord Mayor or King or whatever, I'm going to make it a rule that ALL bullies get locked up for LIFE. And when they're in jail they'll be forced to wash tonnes of smelly socks or something! Let's see how The Stoneman and his dopey minions like being lackeys THEN!