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I Think My New Teacher Is An Alien

I think our new substitute teacher is an alien.

I'm not alone in this! Martin totally agree with me although thinks we are both being daft! Our English teacher was off sick today (I don't think she is, because I saw her in the shops last night and she looked FINE buying all that chocolate. She pretended not to see me but we made eye contact before she tried to hide behind the chocolate stand) and when we got inside the classroom, there was this new substitute teacher standing there at the front of the room. When we all sat down, the teacher said his name was Mr. Mars.

You'd think, if he was an undercover alien, he'd have thought of a better cover name than giving away where he COMES FROM. But that's not why we think he's an alien, that'd be dumb. No, we think he's an alien because...wait for it...WE SAW HIM GOING TO HIS SPACESHIP!! Don't believe me?? Well, take this! After the class had ended, I'd accidentally on purpose left my lunchbox in the classroom (not so I could go back and tick my name on the sheet of who's done homework or not...) and I dragged Martin back to the classroom to get it with me. But just as we were going into the classroom, we saw Mr. Mars talking on his phone.

Well, we crouched outside of the door and listened, right? Just because we KNEW that phones were banned in school and he was breaking the rules! And THEN this is what he said:

“Yes, the children don't suspect a thing. The Milky Way? Of course I know where it is! It's near what I always- no! The Mars- listen, I'll show you where it is later, I've gotta go...” and then he HUNG UP! But that's not it! That's not it! He put his phone down, and then, all of a sudden, there were blue flashing lights and a huge blast of air came in through the open window followed by this MASSIVE spotlight! Like the ones you have in movies! Cos the air was blowing in our eyes, we had to look away, but when we looked back- he wasn't there anymore!!!

Anyway! It's lunch and phones are banned, so I'll tell you later about our plan to reveal Mr. Mars as an alien!