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The Exploding Cake – The Aftermath


The cake didn't explode.


Which...sounds kinda similar, I suppose. But trust me. You should have been there. I'll try and explain.

So, remember when I got the coolest idea to create an exploding cake? Well, I called BT who called Martin who told Holly. We were all PSYCHED to make this cake. BT was boasting about his dad who had made an invention that...did something that made things burst. I kinda wasn't listening because I was sniggering at Martin who had been messing with the food colouring and spilt it all over his hands turning them green – and trust me when I say it’s almost impossible to remove. So well BT was rabbiting on, I did that nodding thing, you know, just like when Mum or Dad starts lecturing me about something.

Anyway, we started making the cake, right? BT put in this thing that- uh...I can't SPELL IT because it was too WEIRD but you can make one up, yeah? Soooo, we made this cake and when it was done, Mum came in and was all suspicious like: “What’re you up to, Jack?” and then she did her glaring thing but we're REALLY good at looking innocent when we need to, so we were like: “Nothing!” She kinda took the cake and then backed out of the room whilst watching us. When she went, we ran to the living room door and watched.

Mum put the cake down - and wait, here's where the difference in exploding and bursting is! She was chatting to her friends - boring adult stuff like all about their neighbours or their HAIR, me, Martin and BT (Holly had gone home by this point because he thought it was all really silly and he had some revision to do – his loss), were watching this cake just...GROW. Mum and her friends didn't notice it until one of them let out this really loud SCREAM- like a dying MOOSE or something- and they all turned and started pointing at the cake.

I can't stop laughing whilst I'm writing this - then the cake, it was growing and growing and growing and suddenly - POP! - it just burst like that! And these ladies...they were all COVERED IN CAKE!!


That's how much I'm laughing.

Then, of course, Martin had to ruin it by laughing really loud and we were rumbled, so now we have to clean the cake off all the furniture and stuff. But, you know what?

Totally worth it.