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Super Cool Ninja Rabbit!

So...yeah. The whole Super Ninja Rabbit didn't quite work. It WOULD'VE WORKED if BT wouldn't stop LAUGHING at me!! Seriously! I was so excited and it was a cool idea but- maybe I was a little too excited cos, when I'd looked at my text, it didn't look very clear. Look. Here's the basic conversation:

Me: BT! Look I'm sorry amputation what happened sorghum the wires and the rabbit but o thought why dkbt we train her rabbit into a nun??

BT: :( :D :D :D :D Lol! Lololololololololololol! That's the dumbest idea EVER! ps I still havnt 4given u

And then I tried to tell him that I meant a ninja rabbit, NOT a nun, but he wouldn't reply! And you wouldn't guess what happened next! Well, me and Martin tried to train the rabbit into a ninja by ourselves. We thought it could turn out like one of those programme thingies where it's like 'House Makeover in One Night!'. But her rabbit wasn't very clever. I mean, who doesn't understand the command: “Quick! Camouflage technique!” but she just sat there chewing on a carrot that we’d given her.

But that's not the main problem. The next morning when Martin gave Jules her rabbit back, it turned out that BT had told her that we'd tried to train her rabbit into a NUN, out of revenge cos we hadn’t included him- the betrayer! Jules was not pleased with me and as I tried to explain the ninja thing, she got even angrier. Now Jules is angry at me even when I tried to explain that a Super Cool Ninja Rabbit would be the best pet ever!

Anyway. At least the rabbit's out of my hands now.