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The Exploding Cake

Mum gave me this project to do today. It's so unfair. Doesn't she know that I'm practically DROWNING in homework? I mean, what's the POINT of homework, anyway? You go to school, forever and then mean teachers decide that they want to give you even MORE work to do at home!! It's meant to be home time! You know! When I can play on my games console and just watch loads of TV or hang out with my friends.
So anyway. Mum gave me this project after I accidentally (I mean, it's not my fault she put chocolate cake out! How was I supposed to know she was saving it??) ate all the cake she put out for some of her friends. She gave me this really deadly glare and said it was a 'learning experience'. Now I have to bake another cake for her dinner guests. And, because she's being really mean today, she forced me to wear her girly apron. It's pink. With flowers. NOT FAIR.
Martin promised he'd come round later to help me, and seriously, I have NO IDEA what I'm meant to be doing. I can do loads of things, defeat baddies, find stolen treasure, but I HATE cooking. But it can't be that hard, can it? I mean, it's just a few eggs and stuff, isn't it? Flour, sugar, a splash of perfume and you mix it together, stuff it in the oven, and then- BAM! CAKE EXPLOSION! Except, maybe not the explosion...cos mum would go crazy if I blew up her kitchen.

But maybe I can make this fun or sommat...IMAGINE AN EXPLODING CAKE! No way! I so have to get BT involved! We could make this super cool cake that when mum's friends come round and take a slice, it like, like, turns their hair pink or something! That would be HILARIOUS! No way, I'm so doing it! Now I just need to phone BT and see if he'll come help out.

See you soon!