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Boring Day Off School!

I SHOULD actually be doing my English homework right now but I'm ill. Mum insists that being ill doesn't mean I can't work but I don't think so. When you're ill, only playing loads of games and watching TV can ever cure you, right? I never thought I'd be bored of that though!

There's literally NOTHING on TV except those really boring shows where someone talks about a really weird problem in front of loads of strangers. What happened to all of the CARTOONS? They're all repeats! It's like someone who's in charge of what's on TV is snickering to himself and showing loads of reruns of the SAME EPISODES just to annoy me! I WAS searching for a ball to kick about earlier but I couldn't find one. The only thing I could find was mum's crystal ornaments and I'm not gonna make THAT mistake again!

WAIT!! I just heard the car outside! Sorry, gotta dash and make sure I look ill enough before mum gets in! Talk to you soon!