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Dad’s Mad.. I Failed My Maths Test

Hiding out at the moment.

Dad's gone a little crazy. Well, more crazy than usual. Basically, I kind of, sort of FAILED in my maths quiz, yeah? But honest, it wasn't my FAULT! I'm not lying! You see, I TRIED to tell my teacher that there's a HUGE difference between cheating and being helped but would she listen? No!

Here's what happened. She suddenly sprang this maths test on us -right?- and Holly was sitting next to me, so I may've kinda peered over at his sheet- just, you know, for HELP. And then, suddenly she was over my shoulder and saying in her scary teacher voice: “Jack Hunter, how dare you cheat? You have failed the exam!” And then I tried to explain that I wasn't cheating, I was only getting help. Then her face went this funny red colour (like when Mum forgot to throw the tomatoes out and they went all weird) and she started shouting and stuff.

When she calmed down, I tried to explain in my best and most coolest voice, that shouldn't the school be encouraging us to be seeking help from your friends? They should be downright rewarding me for being so eager to get a good grade that I'd go out of my way to get the answers.

But anyway, she didn't buy it, and now Dad knows because someone phoned home and he's on my case trying to drag me into the living room for one of his famous lectures. And that's why I'm writing this from inside my cupboard. Which is a cool hiding place. It is!

He's so annoying. He's shouting that he'll help me with my maths now. Yeah right. You should see my Dad's maths skills. They're seriously weak.

Signing out for now!