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Augmented Reality Games Are So Cool!

OK, OK, I'm writing this really quickly because I have to go to school in a sec, but SERIOUSLY! You won't BELIEVE what I can do on my new phone! Well, I went round to BT's house yesterday, right? Just to, you know, show off my BRAND NEW IPHONE! Oh yeah! Take THAT, BT with your older model! Ha ha! Anyway, anyway, I went round to his house because he knows all there is to know about techno stuff (I don't tell him that too often cos he'll get a big head) and he showed me the coolest thing ever! You won't believe it!

It's called Augmented Reality!

Isn't that the coolest name EVER? It sounds like it's a game that could zap you up into a new world where you battle monsters and aliens and stuff in it! And guess what? It CAN! We were drinking cans of cola when BT showed me that all you need to do is point your phone at something, and it'll OPEN UP A GAME FOR YOU! I played a game where you had to point the phone at a table, right? And then a basketball net just POPPED UP on my screen! I was so surprised I almost fell off of my chair! BT laughed so hard that cola came out of his nose.

He showed me this other game called Plants Vs Zombies. It was kinda alright ‘cause it had all these Zombies attacking the house, but then I didn’t get why they would end up fighting against the plants – it would have been so much cooler if it was called Teachers Vs Zombies or sommat. All my teachers getting wiped out by flesh-eating Zombies. Now that would be AWESOME!