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How To Play

You will need at least
two Mediums

The way Augmented Reality works on your device is by recognising an image or text not on your device. So, in order for you to experience AR to its full potential, you will need to ensure that you have access to the book, Jack Hunter The French Connection.
In other words, you need one smart device and a separate book, either in paper, or digital format.


The Jack Hunter adventures are not just stories – they are also games! The latest book, Jack Hunter The French Connection, is available as an i3D (Interactive 3D)
game to compliment the book.
Join Jack and his friends find the clues, unlock the secret, solve the mystery and discover the treasure. Not only do you read an adventure... you star in one too!

Interactive Book


Want to be involved in the action? It’s simple! Using your phone or tablet scan the QR Code on this site or on the cover of Jack Hunter The French Connection, which takes you to the relevant app store.
Alternatively, visit either the Apple store, or Google Play, and search JACK HUNTER. The first three levels of the game are FREE... How cool is that?


Now for the very first time, read both the story and play the game in groundbreaking role-play action. Begin your journey by enabling the scan setting in the games menu of the Jack Hunter app. Point your device at the front cover of the book to find a secret treasure chest. Open the chest to discover the riches hidden inside. Now you are ready to begin your challenge by scanning
the drawbridge on page 33.

360 Navigation


Read along to discover the answers to puzzles which will allow you to unlock new levels within the game. As you follow Jack’s journey, whenever you discover a picture in the book featuring a new room in the castle, you can activate it, bringing your adventure to life. But be warned, to stop you racing ahead of the written story, the games levels are locked.

Your adventure begins now...


While playing the game, keep your eyes peeled, you never know where you might find a few golden coins. You can use these coins to help you with clues and hints if you are stuck with any of the puzzles. Be warned! You will soon run out of coins if you don’t try and solve the many puzzles for yourself. You can always buy more coins from the in-app store, but then where is the fun in that?