Jack Hunter Games | An Augmented Reality Book By Martin King
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Jack Hunter Jack Hunter Jack Hunter

Augmented Reality“The world’s first interactive augmented reality book”

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Enter the world of Jack Hunter

Welcome to the exciting world of Jack Hunter. Follow Jack and his friends on their many exciting, yet perilous adventures. Prepare to step back in time and enter a world full of ancient mysteries, priceless treasures and dark, dark secrets.

Imagine yourself in a world beyond a world. Not only can you read about Jack and his friends embarking on their new adventure, you can join in with your very own adventure – in 3D!

When used in combination with the book, the smartphone app allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet with the book, helping to create an interactive adventure realised through augmented reality technology, placing you right in the middle of the action!

This is a place where fiction becomes reality as you discover your own adventures!

Find the clues, unlock the secrets, solve the mystery and discover the treasure right here, with Jack Hunter.

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